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obama now major defense secretary, is facing gop critics let challenged the past comments on israel, iran and nuclear weapons. the former to term senator from nebraska is the law with is a senate armed service committee hearing. today, that could be crucial in determining whether he will win senate confirmation to succeed secretary defense leon panetta. if confirmed, hagel , who is decorated veteran combat veteran, will be the first enlisted man in the first did not better to serve as defense secretary. >> 101 northbound and 3:00 hour this morning had a big return to work. if there is still one lane shutdown. traffic is backed at the guadalupe parkway with decidedly backed up. for rigid left lane is not just of this >> it is backed up all with the lawrence expressway. >> this is the location of the problem. we only have 2 lanes open before in the last 10 minutes they have added an extra lane northbound. there are three lanes open. the right lane however, remains shut down. when i spoke with caltrans they were still optimistic that they would get an open during the commute this morni
in and for him but the players around are good and the defense is solid. that is not easy to do what he has done. it is a great team all around. >> the niners are favored to win and had never lost a super bowl. if they are right the niners will still be perfect. >> the whole family just got up there! >> a great family portrait. what other family can boast a great family portrait at the super bowl? another unusual bit about this yesterday beat ravens and the 49ers shared a practice field. they mentioned that briefly. there is some people who planned this a verbal had assigned the 49ers of the state's practice facility and the ravens were assigned to late university facility. they had issues there so they got bonds to a fbaseball fell. jim called down and ask you mind if we shared the facility? gm said no problem. that is what they did yesterday and i believe they will do that again today. brother helping brother as they head toward the biggest game careers up to this plight. kron4 news will have continuing coverage with the latest coming out of new orleans. check out our website at kron4 by, and
struck him in self-defense. perez went to stanford and he was the 49ers first pick in the draft. he played five seasons with the 49ers and once season with the raiders. according to prosecutors this started when he put so late sauce on his rice. >> a man is in custody for allegedly shooting and killing a doctor in a southern california medical building. police received reports of a least six shots that were fired and a newport beach medical office. officers arrived and found a man get what multiple gunshot wounds. >> chevron will be paying monday due to the fire that happened in richmond. the oil giant also says, that they will be making corrective actions in is operations. most of the money they will pay will be for medical exams and treatments that were made he immediately following the incident. >> this decision will be affecting more than 8000 flights. a number of other countries have also ended their flies with the boeing 787. san jose will be voting on an environmental plan that will help the habitat for endangered species. this is an attempt to balance conservation over the n
is to blame. the defense spending fell 22% the previous quarter. this is just one off of the cut. this is all tied towards the election. they are stating that maybe the president did this for them to vote for him. >> the federal reserve's are supposed to make their report and we will see how they are going. we are going to keep our policies in place. we are going to have to go back to the factories and start making more things. >> russ is asking if he should buy research in motion now that black berry is finally out? >> you do not chase performance. the company may run out of money. there is a lot of competition out there. i would not chase it. >> katherine wants to know what is the best way to buy gold? >> you see a lot of commercials about gold. there is a huge game and queens. if you do this try to buy the cheaper clones. >> you consent rob your questions on our facebook fan page and will answer them. >> i love rob's advice. you can maxim just about anything. >> good morning look at this beautiful shot. everywhere you look at including the golden gate bridge we are starting to see the beg
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4